Trouble in Paradise for the Cavaliers?

When the Cavaliers signed Dwyane Wade back at the end of September, many thought that the team may have positioned themselves for a run at the Warriors. This all came to question yesterday after reports surfaced that J.R Smith was “absolutely frustrated” that he lost his starting spot to the new addition. He said in an interview on Monday that he “kind of knew” he would be heading for the bench, but is upset that he didn’t even “have a chance” to fight for his spot.

Smith is no stranger to coming off the bench, winning the NBA’s Sixth-Man of the Year award for the 2012-2013 season. He admitted that though he was disappointed, “I actually like playing on the second unit better; I’m more of a playmaker and distributor and I handle the ball a little bit more instead of just running to the corner.”

Cleveland has been mentioned as one of the deepest teams in the NBA, and adding Smith to the second unit will most certainly help solidify that title. The only question now is whether these changes have been enough to make this year end differently than last year, with an NBA title.


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