Down Goes the MVP

This Sunday, the NFL saw yet another one of their top players go down with a season ending injury. Eagles QB Carson Wentz was taken to the locker room after suffering an injury to his leg late in the third quarter. Though initial exams did not show a complete tear of the ACL, it was revealed on Monday that he is in fact out for the remainder of the season.

Not only is this devastating at a personal level, it also effectively all but ends one of Philadelphia’s most promising season since their Super Bowl appearance in 2005. Wentz was considered by many to be the front runner for this years MVP award. With a franchise record 33-7 touchdown to interception ratio through 13 games, he led the Eagles to a league best 11-2 record.

Philadelphia will have to move forward with backup Nick Foles. Foles has seen success with the Eagles before, having one of the greatest seasons by any quarterback in NFL history. In his 2013 season, Foles managed to post the third highest QBR ever in just his second season. Unfortunately, we have also seen him lose the starting job in St. Louis to Case Keenum.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter which Nick Foles decides to show up in the coming weeks. The leadership the Wentz brought to this young team was irreplaceable and in a season that could have likely ended in a Super Bowl victory, this injury will hurt the Eagles beyond repair. If you look on the bright side though, what this team was able to accomplish was remarkable, and the sports world should expect success from this team once Wentz has fully recovered.


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