Trader’s Picks: Conference Championships

It’s Conference Championship Week and we have quite the lineup.

Minnesota 17 @ Philadelphia 13

From the NFC it will be the Minnesota Vikings taking on the Philadelphia Eagles. This game features two quarterbacks who came into the season as backups for their teams, Case Keenum and Nick Foles. Though both of these QBs have had starting experience, Foles is replacing someone who many thought was the MVP of the league this year. The added pressure on Foles coupled with the fact that the Vikings are still riding high from Stefon Diggs’ miracle TD against New Orleans make me think that Minnesota will be able to eek out a win and clinch their spot in the Super Bowl.

Jacksonville 31 @ New England 30

Many already believe that the New England Patriots will be playing in February, but are the Jaguars getting enough credit? This is a team that took down the Patriots “number one concern”, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Twice. This offense is no joke, so long as Bortles can hang on to the ball. The Jags #1 concern needs to be on winning the turnover battle. Without this there is no hope. On the other hand, the Patriots are heavily favored, but have not played a solid defense yet this postseason, which could cause problems if they don’t take Jacksonville seriously. I’m going with the under dog here, Jacksonville by 1.


PS: I meant to publish this Friday night, but that obviously didn’t work.

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