Let The Madness Begin

Its March, and for many basketball fans it marks the best time of the year. March Madness is right around the corner and Conference Championships have already begun. There are so many games being played and in so little time. For NCAA basketball fans it is literally paradise. 67 games are to be played and that doesn’t even include each Conference Championship. Millions of Americans across the United States will fill out a bracket and try to become the first ever person to complete one perfectly. As a fan myself I love watching the games and the particular players that make their name in the NCAA before eventually continuing on and starting their career in the NBA. This year utter excitement rushes through my veins as I think of all the great players to watch. Players like Donovan Mitchell, Lonzo Ball, and De’Aaron Fox are already established players in the league and only last year they were players in these exact games. There are so many players to watch this year that it’s a shame to only list a few, but I know my eyes will be trained on them all tournament long.

Trae Young has been called the next Steph Curry multiple times this year and my bet is he will have a similar tournament run to that of Curry back in 2008. Young has made himself a name throughout the year is one of the current front runners in the race for the Wooden Award. Young averages 28 pts and 9 ast a game. He is a human highlight reel that can pull up and shoot from any spot on the floor. He has become known for his shots from 30 feet out and has been one of the most exciting players this year.

Yet again the Duke Blue Devils stand at the top of college basketball rankings and are in striking distance of another title. Marvin Bagley III has been a huge part of this with the way that he has played in his freshman campaign. Bagley has averaged 20.7 pts and 11.1 reb per game. Until his recent knee injury Bagley had arguably been the Freshman of the Year. I would expect the young freshmen to come out firing and have huge games throughout the tourney. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Senior Grayson Allen when talking about Duke. Over the last four years he has been the face of Blue Devil basketball. He has put up good numbers in his senior season averaging 15.5 pts a game. After the sour and bitter taste the tournament has left him the last couple years, I would guarantee that he plays well all throughout March.

Many other freshman should be fun to watch this year including the likes of Alabama’s Collin Sexton, Arizona forward Deandre Ayton, and Mohamed Bamba of Texas. It also should be interesting to watch senior leaders Trevon Bluiett of Xavier and Joel Barry of the returning Champs UNC Tar Heels as they fight in their last chance to hoist the trophy. Players such as Mikal and Miles Bridges from Villanova and Michigan State should also be fun to watch in what could easily be their last tournament if they decide to turn to the NBA after this year.

Altogether it will be a chaotic and exciting tournament to see. Nets will be cut and tears will be shed. Raw emotion will be on display for all to see. In one shining moment it will all be on the line. Only one team will land on top and all of these players will have their own say in it.

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