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State Of The Hogs #1

During this somewhat “boring” period of college football, recruiting is one area fans can keep themselves busy with. The Razorbacks finished with the 49th best recruiting class in the nation, serving as the caboose in the SEC. Keep in mind when Bret Bielema got kicked out of town, the majority of recruits went out of town as well. Chad Morris had only a few short, hectic months to bring in a respectable recruiting class. Not to mention they were also having to recruit for the 2019 class at the same time. Another thing to consider about these rankings is small classes hurt, regardless of the quality. If you base the Hogs 2018 class strictly on the average athlete rating, they move up to 11th in the SEC.

When Coach Bielema was the Head Hog, recruiting seemed stale, much like the product on the field. With Chad and Co. at the helm, nothing seems stale about their recruiting style. This staff 100% knows how to recruit to a 17-18 year old. They are KILLING IT on social media and official/unofficial visits. The graphics team is doing a fantastic job on Twitter with edits of these high school athletes. These kids are posting pictures of themselves in a flashy uniform combination no one has ever seen, with Coach Morris wearing Jordan 11’s. This is the kind of stuff that attracts game-changing athletes to Fayetteville. I know, it is going to take a lot more to get this program back to elite status. But it is a refreshing start, something that Razorback Nation has been hungry for.

  • Ben Larsen

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