What Cavs v. Warriors IV Means for the NBA

For the first time in the history of the big 4 leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB) two teams will meet in the championship for the 4th consecutive season. Though fatigue with the two peaked last season after the two teams lost only 1 combined game on their path’s to the 2017 finals, this season was a much different story with the same old ending. LeBron shouldered the bad play of nearly everyone else on the Cavs and managed to win multiple game 7’s to seal his ticket to his 8th straight NBA Finals. The Warriors on the other hand played very well in the first two rounds, but struggled to close out games in their 7 game series against the Houston Rockets.

Unfortunately for the viewers, this series has the largest spread of any in the last 25 years, with the Cavs at +1100, and 12 point underdogs for game 1. Unless, the Cleveland role players can drastically increase production from where it was in the last series, this one would be lucky to go more than 5. I will go ahead and pick Golden State in 5, but they better be careful not to let this go any more than that. With LeBron playing peak playoff basketball, a game 6 at home would be very good for Cleveland as that has been where LeBron has gotten most of his help throughout the playoffs. In a game 7 with the chance to pull of something that many thought impossible, I wouldn’t bet against the King.

Now what does this mean for the NBA going forwards. Well the odds of this happening are slim and getting slimmer by the day as LeBron free-agency rumors run rampant suggesting he could move to the much better equipped 76ers or Rockets. Also, young teams are beginning to step into the limelight as we saw with Boston this season. The playoffs should continue to become more competitive which will lead to a rise in viewership. For those who worry that the finals matchup is becoming destructive to the perception of the NBA I have one word, R-E-L-A-X. Ratings will continue to go up, and with the flood of young talent, you could argue that the NBA is the best it’s ever been.

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