Warriors Take 2-0 Lead Into Cleveland

It has been a much closer finals to this point than many expected. The scores don’t necessarily reflect how back-and-forth games 1 and 2 were.

In game 1, the Cavs came out firing and led for the majority of the game. LeBron put up a remarkable 51-8-8 performance, but it wasn’t enough for Cleveland down the stretch as they ended up falling to Golden State in OT 124-114. Though they lost by 10, the Cavs were up by 2 with 36 seconds left when Kevin Durant drove in and LeBron James appeared to draw a charge. The call was reviewed via instant replay and eventually overturned. This ultimately left the Cavs down 1 with 15 seconds to score. With the clock winding down, James passed the ball inside for George Hill, but he was fouled by Klay Thompson. Hill nailed the first shot but then missed the second. This is where the game got REALLY interesting for everyone watching. JR Smith was able to rebound the missed free throw, and then proceeded to dribble out the remaining 4 seconds which forced overtime. Though it is still unclear what was going through JR’s mind, he appeared to say “I thought we were ahead” to LeBron after the gaffe occurred. With their spirits crushed, Cleveland ran out of gas in OT and were outscored 17-7 in the period. This game ended in an unusual brawl, that started after some trash talk after LeBron blocked Steph Curry after the game was already all but over. Tristan Thompson was ejected after a seemingly harmless foul on Shaun Livingston at the end of the game. Thompson and Draymond Green exchanged words after the ejection which led Thompson to shove the ball in Draymond’s face.

Game 2 was not nearly as close, though Cleveland was able to make a couple runs at the lead, but it was not enough as the Warriors pulled ahead in the 4th and ended up winning 122-103 Steph Curry was able to break Ray Allen’s record of 9 three-pointers in a single game. Golden State had 5 players in double digits, including 3 with 20+ points. Durant was able to snap out of the “funk” he was in for the entirety of game 1. The Cavs have been much better at home throughout the playoffs, only losing 1 game thus far, but will LeBron’s supporting cast be enough to beat this stacked Warriors team? Only time will tell, with Game 3 starting at 9 ET Wednesday Night on ABC.

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