Big questions for the Rams coming into 2018

Coming out of the 2017-18 season the LA Rams went 11-5, with 1953 rushing yards and 48 sacks. However with the 18-19 season only 18 days away there are some major questions the Rams will have to answer. With that the defense is the main worry for this season, but the offense still has some things to work out.

Over the offseason the Rams have lost some crucial components of their offense and defense, but they gained some new components as well. The team lost LB Alec Ogletree and WR Sammy Watkins during the free agency this year. Big additions this offseason include DT Ndamukong Suh, CB Marcus Peters, CB Aqib Talib, and WR Brandin Cooks.

This year the Rams could put up the best defense the NFL has ever seen, but there are questions head coach Sean McVay and DC Wade Phillips needs to answer. First of all, when will a deal with Aaron Donald be made? Just like last year Donald is up for grabs a huge deal, but with the Rams not willing to give him what he wants just yet he has decided to not appear for practice or the offseason. With that, who will be the new leader for the Defense? Will DE Robert Quinn step up? Will it be Talib or Peters, only time will tell. Finally what about are they going to do at the LB and OLB position? With Alec Ogletree being traded, a hole is left in the Rams front seven. This question is somewhat being answered with Easley, after coming off PUP DT Dominique Easley is now taking snaps at OLB.

Offensively the Rams are more sound, with veterans all across the board. The main question is how much of an air threat will the offense be. With RB Todd Gurley and  veteran OL, there’s no question the Rams are a run threat. Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, and Cooper Kupp are right now the best receivers the Rams have. However we need to look at WR Pharoh Cooper and TE Tyler Higbee. Last year Pharoh Cooper only returned punts and kickoffs, so how will he perform at WR? Higbee is not used enough, the Rams love to either run or deep pass, it would do some good to start throwing some passes to the TE. Higbee may not be able to get 60yds down the field, but as long as the offense is moving the chains  does it matter?

With all this in mind I predict the Rams will go 13-3

Rams @ Raiders  W

Cardinals @ Rams  W

Chargers @ Rams  W

Vikings @ Rams  L   

Rams @ Seahawks  W

Rams @ Broncos  W

Rams @ 49ers  W

Packers @ Rams  W, Close

Rams @ Saints  L

Seahawks @ Rams  W

Chiefs @ Rams  W


Rams @ Lions  W

Rams @ Bears  W

Eagles @ Rams  W, Close

Rams @ Cardinals  W

49ers @ Rams  L  

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