LLWS Recap

Baseball, the game that is often known as America’s Pastime. A game that is full of blood, sweat, and tears. A game that is loved by so many. Each year 16 teams gather in Williamsport Pennsylvania. 8 of these teams are straight out of the United States, while the other 8 combine to come from baseball teams from 30 different countries around the world. Each one of these teams has Not only their areas District and sectional championship, but also are the State and Regional champions. Every year the world gathers to watch these games. The kids playing may be young, but the way that they, full of heart and bravery, makes it appealing to watch to baseball fans around the world. Some even argue that the Little League World Series is baseball in its purest form.

This year the Little League World Series was full of surprises and excitement just as it always is! From Big Al and his dingers, to 6 foot mammoths. This year was also the first year since 2016 that a United States team has won the Little League World Series. Seven out of the last nine championships have gone to teams from Japan and South Korea. Hawaii was able to win the tournament behind great pitching. They only allowed two earned runs throughout the whole entirety of the Little League World Series. That is the least amount of earned runs given up since 2010. This year in the championship game you saw a home-run on the first pitch of the game. That is the second straight year that that has happened. A crazy beyond belief thing that took place.

CBS SPORTS said it best with their recap of the game on Sunday… Sixteen teams entered Williamsport, Penn. seeking a Little League World Series title, and on Sunday a champion was crowned. Honolulu, Hawaii, representing the West region and winners of the United States bracket, shut out South Korea, representing the Asia-Pacific, to take home the 2018 LLWS title.

Honolulu kept South Korea scoreless and scored on a Mana Lau Kong home solo home run and added two more on a wild pitch and error to secure a 3-0 win. It’s the third time Hawaii has won the Little League World Series championship, and the first time in 10 years. It’s also the first time the city of Honolulu has won it all.”

This years Little League World Series did not disappoint. Big Al took over the fans with his “My friends call me Big Al and I hit dingers”, each and every game was a hard fought game, and in the end the best team in the tournament came out on top. Honolulu, Hawaii will forever be remembered as one of the best Little League teams to ever come through Williamsport, Pennsylvania. They, alone with all the other teams who made it to Williamsport, will forever have the memories that they made over the week and half that they spent there. This years Little League World Series has come to an end, but it will go down in history as one of the best ever.

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