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State Of The Hogs #4

The Chad Morris era is about to be kicked off in a few uncommon ways. A renovated stadium, new uniforms, and a two QB system are a few areas this season will stand out from the others. 4,000 new seats and a massive new scoreboard highlight the upgrades.

Razorback stadium now looks more complete, and should offer a louder environment. The last important stadium touch-up happened in 2001, so it was about time. In addition to the stadium, the Hogs uniforms will make program history. For the first time EVER(!), Arkansas will run out of the tunnel in a all-white threads. Understandably, some “traditionalists” aren’t a fan of the new look. They must consider something, the only people Coach Morris is worried about pleasing and making a lasting impression on is the recruits, not the fans.

While Chad and the staff have a good grip on the uniform combo’s, the QB situation is a much different story. Earlier this week Cole “Steamboat” Kelley will take the first snap Saturday, CM admitted “Ty is gonna play”. But he did not comment to say how much or how long. It is possible that one of the three freshman QB’s could get some reps. Connor Noland, Daulton Hyatt, or John Stephen Jones all have potential to compete for a starting or backup spot. With the new NCAA redshirt rule, freshman can play up to four games and still hold onto their redshirt. I expect the Hog coaching staff to use that new rule to its limit.

The RB position group is in much better condition. Anyone from Devwah to Chase to TJ and even Last Chance U star Rakeem Boyd could be the workhorse come November. This will be an exciting position battle to watch develop as the season unfolds.

Looking at today’s game, Eastern Illinois does not need much of an introduction. They went 6-5 in the FCS ranks last year. For most teams, if you can’t rattle off their mascot, they usually aren’t very good. Exhibit A) Eastern Illinois.


34-13 Good Guys.

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