Is This the End of a Dynasty?

Coming into the 2018 season the New England Patriots are up a creek with a stick for a paddle. They aren’t quite screwed yet, but they’re slowly declining. With losing players, policy violations, and questionable backups; the Patriots have a lot of things to work on.

During the 2018 free agency the Patriots lost 4 big time players. They lost veteran LT Nate Solder to the giants. This loss will leave a sore spot on Brady’s blindside, literally. Now the patriots will have to rely on rookie Isaiah Wynn, and former 49ers LT Trent Brown. both will have to learn how to perform with the veteran unit, which may take quite some time. They also lost WR Danny Amendola  to the Dolphins, they also lost WR Brandin Cooks in a trade with the LA Rams. Both receivers were important targets for Brady, but now that they are gone who will step up? And who will Brady have to rely on? This makes WR Julian Edelman and TE Rob Gronkowski his primary targets now, but that also makes it easier to prevent the pass. Not only 2 starting receivers but the starting RB Dion Lewis,Titans,  was lost. He ran for 896 yards and 48 touchdowns last year. This will leave the run game in shambles, not only did they lose their starting RB but they also lost a key blocker. Super Bowl 49 hero, CB Malcolm Butler was lost to the Titans. This was the only loss on defense, which will probably not change anything for the Patriots. Finally in a trade to the 49ers the Patriots lost backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo, leaving the patriots with QB Brian Hoyer. Despite being on the patriots before, Brian Hoyer is not a true replacement for Jimmy Garoppolo.

During this years Off-Season WR Julian Edelman tested positive for PEDs(Performance Enhancing Drugs). Which has left him with a 4 game suspension. Brady already lost 2 prime receivers during free agency, and now he has to deal with the loss of Edelman for 4 games. During the first 4 games Brady will need the backup WRs to step up, and face the challenge of starting. Also Brian Hoyer. If Brady were to get hurt this season Brian Hoyer would the the starting QB. Don’t get me wrong, he will probably do okay. However, with the patriots standards will he be the best option? And if he’s not who will be QB?

Despite the Patriots declining I believe the patriots will go 12-4 during the regular season. I also believe that now, 40yr old Tom Brady is in his last couple if not last season. Once brady is gone, Belichick will probably retire as well. Its at that point the Patriots will face the same fate as the Broncos.  

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