Who Will Take October?

October is just around the corner, and for many MLB teams it is desperation time. For the MLB, the months leading up to October are a time of excitement and distress. Many teams and their will see their dreams come true and be able to play playoff baseball for the first time. While others will press hard to the end of each and every one of the 162 games played in an MLB season and fall just short.

The second half has been an exciting time for baseball fans. Many things have happened that have both made things interesting in the division races and also within the race for each league. The A’s have been a major story. At the end of the first half and start of the second half they made a huge surge. At one point they were more than fifteen games back of the returning World Series Champion, Houston Astros. Then have since that time come back to  tie the Astros. Both the Astros and A’s will have a hard fought fight to the finish. Their division is up for grabs and either team could win it.

The Wild Card races within each League are coming down to the end too. Within the American League there are four teams that are within the eight games of each other and fighting for the two wild card spots. In the National League it is much of the same. There are five teams that have less than a total of five games separating them and their chances of making a playoff appearance and eventually maybe even a playoff run.

There are also a couple of crazy Divisions within the National League that could go multiple different ways. The NL West is one of these Divisions. The Colorado Rockies currently are winning their division, but they have two teams close on their heels.The Rockies currently lead the Los Angeles Dodgers by a game and a half. They also lead the Arizona Diamondbacks by two games. So they have two teams within two games of them and nipping at their heels. Things aren’t that close within the NL Central, but it is still much of the same. The Cubs are the current leader within the Central Division, but that could easily change. The Brewers have arguably the best lineup in the whole NL and only trail the Cubs by a total of four games. The NL Central’s ever looming Cardinals have a chance to claim the division too. They are currently four and a half games back of the Cubs. The Cardinals also have multiple games left to play against the Cubs though and that number could easily diminish, and fast.

Altogether we have already had an amazing and crazy season in the MLB. For the fans it is only about to get better. There are so many things yet to fall into place and so many more spots to be claimed for the playoffs. Each divisional race is poised to become a great finish. October is almost here and the craziness of baseball has just now begun.

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