The Greatest Comeback of 2018

Holy crap! Football is almost through its first week, and it was better than anyone could have asked for. We saw multiple games end with a margin fewer than 7 points, and we even got the first tie since October 30th of 2016. I’ll have a full in-depth analysis on that game in the coming days, but I want to talk about the Main Event of Sunday’s action. This is of course the Chicago Bears at the Green Bay Packers in prime-time.

That’s right, Sunday night football turned out to be the best game of the week for the first time in a long time. This game had everything you could ask for as a football fan, young talent shining, a player performing with his new team, incredible toughness from an injured star, and of course, the major comeback. This was a game for the ages, and many are even saying it was the best performance of QB Aaron Rodgers career.

This game started out with the Packers as 7 point favorites over the young Bears team. The Bears didn’t take this too kindly, as they came out swinging. They scored on their first two drives, and wreaked havoc onto the Green Bay offense. The recently acquired pro-bowler Khalil Mack was a monster in the first half with one sack, as well as a force fumble and even a pick-6. Mack wasn’t the only beast in the Bears front 7, with Akiem Hicks and Leonard Floyd also having huge days.

This constant pressure as well as the steady offensive production led to a 17 point lead going into the half. The pass rushing also brought about a scary moment for all football fans, especially those of the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers was rolled up on by a few lineman and had to be carted off the field in the second quarter.

Fortunately, Rodgers was able to return, though he was basically on one leg for the remainder of the game. The rest is history, the Bears offense became completely stagnant and the defense was helpless, even against the hobbled Rodgers. This was a Bears choke-job 100%, but that doesn’t mean that the comeback was absolutely inspirational.

Rodgers was a man on a mission, dropping absolute dimes right through the tightest windows imaginable, ON ONE LEG. It was sensational, unlike anything I’ve seen in recent history. There was one pass to WR Geronimo Allison, which was 50 yards, across the field, with no help from his lower body. this was of course, a perfect pass which still required a perfect catch from Allison, and put the Pack within 6 points.

In the final minutes, Chicago needed just 1 yard to end the game, with a 3rd and 1. New Head Coach Matt Nagy decided to go for the end zone, resulting in a 4th and 1. As I mentioned, this 1st down would guarantee a win for the Bears. Nagy decided to trust his defense against the best QB in the league with 2 minutes on the clock. We all know how this story ends… Rodgers leads yet another game winning drive in what he calls “one of the greatest performances” of his career.


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