MLB MVP Is Coming Down to the Wire!

Ever since the beginning of baseball there has always been a race and competition to see who is best. A battle to see who will be the Most Valuable Player in their respective League, whether that be within the American League or the National League. All the baseball greats have been MVPs. From Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, and many many more. Recent emerging stars like Kris Bryant, Jose Altuve, Mike Trout, and Giancarlo Stanton have made their presence known within the last couple years and become not only MVPs within the league, but the faces of baseball. This year there are many new players and some returners making a push to be called the best player within their respective league.

In the NL there are a couple of players that really stand out because of the amazing and somewhat astonishing years that they have had. These players are like Javier Baez, Freddie Freeman, and Matt Carpenter. Baez has torn through pitching the whole entire year. Driving in his teammates for runs left and right. His complete swag, attitude, and ability to play baseball with a poise unlike any other have made many take note. Freeman has had another solid year and changed a team that at this time last year was at the bottom of their division and on the bottom half of the whole MLB. The Braves, his team, is now competing for a divisional title this year and become an exciting time to watch. Matt Carpenter started off having a rough year. So rough that his manager at the time, Mike Matheny, thought about benching him and playing a younger player. But towards the end of the first half Carpenter took off.He become one of the hottest hitters in baseball and on of the toughest outs for pitchers.

In the AL it is much of the same, but the race for MVP might be a little more clear cut between two people. Mookie Betts and Mike Trout are the two favorites in the battle for MVP. Both have separated themselves from all other contenders and have made it a race between the two of them to get it. Betts has had a stellar year and so have his Boston Red Sox. He has become the face of the Red Sox and done things all year with both his glove and at the plate. Trout is arguably the face of baseball. Arguably the best all around player in the whole entire League. His ability to be a five tool player separates him from so many of the other great players that play within the league.

ODDS Right Now to Win MVP


Javier Baez +240

Freddie Freeman +250

Nolan Arenado +325

Matt Carpenter +325

Paul Goldschmidt +700


Mookie Betts -235

Mike Trout +450

J.D. Martinez +500

Jose Ramirez +500

Jose Altuve +1000


My Picks to Win

I believe that the NL MVP will be Baez. For the majority of the year he has lead the league in categories like average and RBIs. I think that his flash mixed with his incredible durability along with his amazing ability will make him the easy MVP in the NL.

I believe that Mike Trout will be the MVP in the AL. Injuries have plagued him throughout the year, but I don’t think that they will take away from the great season that he has had. Betts also has had a great year, but he isn’t the only one on his team in the conversation. J.D. Martinez has also had a great year. I think his teammates year will hurt Betts chances at MVP and therefore allow Trout to take it as his own.

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