Is There a New Super-team Brewing in the East?

Shams Charania dropped his own little “Woj Bomb” yesterday afternoon with a report that Jimmy Butler has requested a trade from Minnesota. The trade request itself was not necessarily a huge surprise, but the way that  it was done shocked NBA fans around the country.

Butler gave the team and coach Tom Thibodeau a short list of 2 teams which he would sign an extension to if he was traded. These teams are the Los Angeles Clippers and the New York Knicks, with the Brooklyn Nets also expected to play as big contenders in his off season recruitment should he be traded to a team outside of his list.

It has been reported over the last year that Butler had become increasingly upset with the passive attitudes of his star teammates Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. Butler is in the last year of his contract so many have speculated that he would leave after the season regardless of how the year went. Minnesota has been one of the more disappointing “super-teams” in recent memory, with many thinking that this may be the group that could take down the Golden State Warriors. That was wildly wrong, and this group have straight underachieved in almost every way.

Butler’s teammates have reciprocated the relief of the trade request, with Wiggins’ brother posting a video saying “Hallelujah” when he saw the news.

This does bode well for the Eastern Conference though, with both Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving expressing interest in teaming up on one of the NY teams in the coming seasons. This would in turn bring back a “super-team” to the Eastern conference as both the Knicks and Nets have room for 2 max contracts in the summer of 2019.

Just imagine Uncle Drew, Jimmy Buckets and the Unicorn on one team… Man do I love basketball season!!

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