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Buckeye Nation Stand Up (#1)

After a big win over TCU in Jerry-World last weekend, Ohio State gets an absolute cupcake in Week 4. In all reality, Tulane is probably the easiest game on our schedule and is essentially a warm up game for our battle in Happy Valley next week.

This will be another game where the offense puts up 500 yards and 50 points with ease and the defense will most likely pitch a shutout, despite Nick Bosa’s groin injury. I am expecting to see another huge game from Sophomore Dwayne Haskins, with Tate Martell entering around the middle of the 3rd quarter. This is also coach Urban Meyer’s first game back from his suspension, and I would bet that the Buckeyes will come out swinging in his return.

Speaking on the suspension, Interim Head Coach Ryan Day had a phenomenal first 3 games, and will also most likely be a Power-5 Head Coach at the start of the next season. He kept his composure in the game that many thought Ohio State could lose in the first 3, despite being down at the half and into the middle of the 3rd quarter. Unfortunately, this big win did not come without a price. DE Nick Bosa, a player that many consider to be the best defensive player in the country, suffered a groin injury against TCU. This injury sidelined him for the remainder of the game as well as for this week against Tulane. The team is still holding out hope that he will be available at Penn State, but that appears less and less likely each day.

To wrap up the first edition of Buckeye Nation Stand Up I want to give my prediction for the game, as well as some players to watch.

Tate Martell- Look for the red-shirt Freshman to have a big game for the Buckeyes. He will almost certainly get a decent amount of playing time, and this is the game that I see him showing what he will bring to the team for years to come.

Tyreke Smith- Though the loss of Bosa will hurt Ohio State, the depth on the D-line is almost unfair. Tyreke Smith could be a starter for most schools, so he will do a fine job of replacing Bosa. I’m expecting at least a few big tackles and a sack from Smith.

The Buckeyes will win this game in a rout, 59-0

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