Dilly Dilly, Baker is Here!

The Cleveland Browns were able to come from behind last night against Sam Darnold and the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football. This was in no small part due to rookie Baker Mayfield who took over for starter Tyrod Taylor late in the 2nd quarter after Taylor was injured.

Though I hesitated to jump on theBaker bandwagon for the first couple of weeks, there is really no debate who the Browns should start at the QB position going forward. Mayfield was incredible, throwing for over 200 yards with some difficult throws being completed in the crucial field ahead drive for the Browns. Taylor however was just horrible at 4-14 passing for 19 yards. This should be the final straw for Tyrod as the Browns QB as he has been completely unimpressive through the first 3 games of the year.

This was Cleveland’s first win in 635 days and Browns fans are going NUTS. There was a possum caught during the game, the infamous Bud Light fridges have been unlocked and Cleveland is partying, as they should be. I mean this is one of the most iconic streaks in all of sports, you’ve got De La Salle and their incredible 200+ game win streak, the Warriors winning 28 basketball games in a row, and then the Browns losing (or tying) 20 straight NFL football games.

And as always, the positives bring many negatives for the Browns, and coach Hue Jackson said that he’ll have to watch the tape to see who the starter will be in week 4. I’m not sure exactly what tape he will be watching, but this is the most Hue Jackson thing I could think of. I’m all in on Baker, and I stand by my prediction that we will see the Brownies in the playoffs this year.

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