Tiger is Officially Back!

For all those “Is Tiger Back” twitter accounts, I finally have an answer for you. It’s a resounding YES HE IS. Tiger has been playing golf at a high level for the first time since he began to deal with chronic back pain in 2012. Woods placed in the Top 10 in 6 tournaments this season and was finally able to earn his 80th win this weekend in the Tour Championship. This marks Tiger’s first win in 5 years, something that many thought would never happen.

Tiger is having one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the sport, winning a tournament just 1 year after spinal fusion surgery to relieve pain in his lower back as well as his leg. Earlier this year, Woods was asked about returning to the game, “The amount of times I’ve fallen because my leg didn’t work or I just had to lay on the ground in pain for extended periods of time. Those are some really dark, dark times. I’m a walking miracle”. Woods also admitted that was unsure if he would ever play golf again after his 3rd of 4 back surgeries.

Despite his struggles over the last 5 years, Tiger is arguably the best to ever do it, with now 80 tournament wins, 14 of which were Major wins, and 4 Masters Championships. This resume is challenged only by that of Jack Nicklaus, who has a record 18 Major wins and is widely considered to be the greatest golfer of all time. Nicklaus was asked this morning about Tiger’s last victory in relation to his own legacy, and said that “The Chase” is back on. He also conceded that it is realistic for the 42 year old to win at least 4 more Major Titles which would pass his record.

Whether you like golf or not, this Tiger win is one of the greatest moments in sports, and is the start of hopefully a very happy ending for one of the greatest to ever do it. TIGER IS BACK!!!


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