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Black Knights Rundown (#1)

What a great weekend for College Football, for some anyways. However, Army played like none other taking No. 5 Oklahoma into OVERTIME. No one thought they even had a chance against Oklahoma, but they came in and gave them a manhood check. Army’s Triple Threat Option put Oklahoma on their toes, Hopkins ran for 102 yards, not only that but Army had the ball for 44 minutes of the game compared to Oklahoma’s 18. Army’s defense also played well with a 4th down stop on their goal-line and multiple sacks through out the game, along with the occasional interception. Overall Army played like soldiers, they need to be proud of what they accomplished and move onto preparations for this week’s game.

This week the Black Knights play at Buffalo(4-0). Buffalo took on Rutgers last week and won 42-13. This means that the Black Knights have another formidable foe this week. Although seeing Army’s performance last week, it would be no surprise if army takes the win. Last season Army prevailed over the Bulls 21-17, however that was last year.

As seen in the Oklahoma game Army has the run game down. The triple-threat option Flexbone formation is one to take on any team in the nation. Derived from the run-and-shoot offense. This allows Army to both dominate the run and pass game. Unfortunately, the latter of the two isn’t all that great. During their game with Oklahoma, the Black Knights were only able to grasp 40 passing yards. For this next game Army will need to be able to throw the ball, Buffalo, who is also a run heavy offense, will be trying to shut down Army´s run game.

On the other side of the ball, the defense played phenomenal. The Black Knights defense was able to adapt with Oklahoma’s spread offense, Allowing only 4 touchdowns, with 1 being in OT. The defense will be a crucial part against Buffalo who can both run and throw the ball. Buffalo QB Jackson completed 14 passes for 263 yards, and RBs Patterson and Marks had a total of 26 caries for 167 yards. The pass game will need to be stopped for the best chance of winning. Buffalo’s run game shouldn’t be a threat to the Army defense, who sees major run teams in conference all the time.

Over all I do believe that this game will be close. I believe the game will be 28-17 with Army winning.

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