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State Of The Hogs #8

The debut of the Chad Morris v. Jimbo Fisher rivalry will officially kick off tomorrow at prestigious AT&T Stadium. As Arkansas fans are fully aware, Bobby Petrino was the last coach to beat the Aggies. In that match up, Tyler Wilson threw for 510 yards and three touchdowns in a comeback win. What a time.

This year, Ty Storey will not only lead the Hogs out of the tunnel, but he will try to extend his lead over Cole Kelley in the quarterback race. Even though Ty completed 13 of his 31 attempts through the air at Auburn, he showed toughness. His all white jersey quickly became multiple shades of green and brown.

One bright spot for the Hogs was Rakeem Boyd. The Last Chance U star led the Hogs in rushing and receiving yards. He will be inserted into the RB 1 spot in place of Devwah Whaley, who will be held out with a concussion sustained in last week’s game.

The Razorbacks were able to improve their stellar run defense, limiting Auburn to 91 yards rushing. So far, the John Chavis led defense check in at #7 in the nation in run defense. A&M will provide another great test for Arkansas’ front seven.

One area that must improve for the Hogs if they have any hope of an upset is the special teams. The ST department was nothing short of awful. It was bad.

On a positive note, ex- Clemson QB Kelly Bryant announced he is transferring. Fayetteville is definitely in the mix to be the next destination of the 2017 Manning Award Finalist QB. Here’s why; Chad Morris recruited Kelly to Clemson while he was the offensive coordinator. Obviously, they have a great relationship. Secondly, Kelly would have an opportunity for automatic playing time and the chance to play in the SEC, which sells itself. And finally, Kelly Bryant would be moving into the same offensive scheme as he had at Clemson. Sure, there would be a few minor tweaks, but the main scheme will be very similar.

Back to the A&M game, I predict a similar outcome to that of the Auburn game.

A&M wins.


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