The October Classic is Within Reach

The end of the baseball regular season is upon us and throughout the year there have been many things that have made this year unforgettable. We’ve had guys like Javier Baez step up and become household names. We’ve even had teams like the Oakland Athletics shock the world and put themselves in the conversation for being one of the best teams in the entire American League. This year has been great, but the craziness is only just now about to really begin. We are less than a month away from the playoffs and that is when things will really start to get interesting and really start to heat up! I think that there are a lot of teams that are poised and ready to make a playoff run this year. But to me there are a few teams that are ultra impressive and that I think may just be World Series bound.


The American League is the harder of the two leagues to predict the champion of. There are so many teams within that have the willpower and capabilities to be an American League Champion and punch their ticket to a World Series. You have the Power Houses who have been relatively quiet over the last few years. Teams like the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. You also have surprising teams thrown into the mix and thriving. Teams like the Oakland Athletics who are all but destined to make a postseason run and push for the title. Not to mention you have the number one team in the power rankings and reigning World Series Champion Houston Astros returning to the playoffs yet again. For me the American League prediction is easy though. I believe that if all goes the way that it is and that the no further injuries plague them, then the Houston Astros will again be your American League Champions in 2018. No other team in the entire league has offensive firepower like Houston has. With Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, George Springer, and Alex Bregman all healthy, they are an absolute nightmare to any opposing pitcher that steps foot out on the mound. The Astros also have a beyond strong Pitching rotation that will have the ability to blank many opponents throughout the playoffs. This mixed with the returning experience that they have from last years World Series and Playoffs will boil over and make them my choice not only to win the American League, but also be Back to Back champions.


The National League has also been interesting this year and has been hard fought in many dimensions all season long. But for me I think that the National League is more clear cut and in many way an easier road to the World Series then any American League team faces. For me, I think that in many senses there will be an upset within the National League and that your National League champions will be the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs have had a similar run to that of which they had a few years ago when they completed their championship season. I think that this year will be much of the same. Guys will step up and carry them to victory and return them once again to the top of the pedestal in the National League.

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