The Show Time Lakers Are Back!!

I may be jumping the gun just a tad, but LeBron James has rediscovered the Show Time Lakers and there is no way to convince me otherwise. It may have only been 15 minutes of preseason basketball but it was incredible. James had a pile of highlights in his limited playing time, and truly elevated each and every one of his teammates.

My biggest takeaway from this game was that for the first time in years, LeBron looked like he was out there to have fun. Not worried about carrying a bunch of bums (excluding Kevin Love and Cedi Osman of course) to his 8th straight Finals appearance, but rather just playing like it was a game to 21 with his friends. We’ve never seen such a calm LeBron and frankly I think that the rest of the league should be TERRIFIED. If he has been putting up the numbers he did in Cleveland exhausted from carrying his teams to the Finals, then imagine what he can do with a better Lakers team fully rested and ready to go.

In this small sample size, we were able to see LeBron drop 9 points, 3 rebounds, and three assists. Last season, James played nearly 3-times the mere 15 minutes he received last night. Using this proportion, one could assume that LeBron could average 27-9-9, very close to his stats in the 2017-18 season.

Though I think that the Lakers as currently built have little to no shot at beating the Warriors in a 7 game series, I do think that they have the potential to be one of the top 4 teams in the league. LeBron will likely lead this team over 50 wins for the first time in years, and the “fans” who have been trying to get rid of LeBron ever since he arrived will soon be on the same side as anyone with an ounce of intelligence. Cheering for the King as he brings Los Angeles yet another Finals Trophy.

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