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Black Knights Rundown (#2) Bye Week

Since Army gets a bye week, I’m going to look at one of the other academies. This past weekend Navy(2-2) lost to SMU 30-31 in a close OT game. The QB Lewis completed 1 of 3 passes for 25 yards and 1 touchdown. Top RBs Williams and Smith had 17 carries for 142 yards and 1 touchdown. While QBs Lewis and Perry had 36 carries for 115 yards and 1 touchdown. WR Cooper had 1 reception for 25 yards and a touchdown. The Midshipmen defense played well holding the Mustangs off. Overall the Offense played well and the defense played okay.

As much as the loss stings there’s no time for the Midshipmen to keep their heads down. This weekend Navy and Air Force(1-3) will take the field. There’s not a ton that Navy will have to work on to take down Air Force, but this is a good time to improve on the offense and defense.

Offensively Navy is sound in the run game, but their passing game isn’t. This past game Navy was only able to get 1 reception and only passed 4 times. Every team Navy plays will have an answer to the run game, but to counter balance it Navy needs to answer it with a passing game. Running the ball is a great strategy, especially if you can keep the ball for majority of the game and continuously get around 3-7 yards per carry. However, there are perks to being able to pass the ball, it allows you to get the ball down field quickly. The pass game is also more reliable in 3rd and long situations.

Defensively Navy is pretty sound. The defense was able to make stops, but they need to be able to turnover the ball on 3rd and 4th down. Last game the defense let up points every quarter, and a 2 point conversion in OT. That needs to be fixed, they won’t be able to compete against their tougher opponents like Notre Dame if they can’t finish defensively. The DL and LB need to get off blocks and get in for the sack, it doesn’t do them any good to let the offense drive the ball for 3 yards up their throats or get a 8 yard reception.

This game should be any easy one for Navy, I predict the game to be a 31-0 shutout.

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