ACC ACC Coastal Miami (FL)

It’s All About The U (#1)

For years the Miami Hurricanes have been the “Bad Boys” of the college football world. From the time years ago when some of their players were involved in gangs, until now when hard hitting and fights can happen at almost any moment. Even within the last two years they have made a name for themselves by introducing what they call their “Turnover Chain.”

The Hurricanes will forever be known for their emergence in in the the 1990s until the early 2000s. The years where they won multiple Championships and always seemed to be on the top half of college football. In recent years it has been hard for Miami to stay relevant within the college football world. Last year they had somewhat of a breakout year. They even reached up to number two in the college football rankings. But as soon as people started talking about them making it into the College Football Playoffs they lost the last three games of their season.

This year for the Canes didn’t start off very well either. They opened up on Prime-time TV. They were facing up against a team, at the time, that was very questionable in the eyes of college football analysts, the LSU Tigers. All eyes were on the eighth ranked Miami Hurricanes. From the start the Canes were off. Quarterback at the time, Malik Rosier, played awful and the Canes had no offense. In the end they got drilled by the Tigers 33-17. Miami regrouped and came back strong though. They won the next week 77-0 and have won every single game since. Each game hasn’t even been close and for most not even interesting to watch. Every game that is except for the last two. Halfway through their route of FIU the Canes put in backup quarterback N’kosi Perry. Perry was on fire. Missing on only one pass in the entire first half. It became evident that he was a better option at QB then Rosier was. Last week the lineups showed that Perry would be getting his first start at QB against a team in North Carolina that over the past few years had given the Canes a ton of trouble. But with Perry under center they were no match for the Canes.The Canes won easily 47-10. Perry threw for one TD along with one INT, but it was clear that the offense had much more to offer with him slinging the ball around the field. The Canes defense however, was the story of the game. They combined for 3 TDs and 21 points.


FSU vs. MIAMI(17) Prediction:

The Hurricanes and Seminoles renew their rivalry this weekend. Last year’s game came down to the last play in the fourth quarter. I think that this year will be much of the same, but not that dramatic. It will be a well played and hard fought game as it always is. I would expect Perry to throw at least 2 TD passes and Dallas and Homer to rush for one each. My final score is….

Miami 38

FSU 28

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