You Won’t Believe What the NFL is Doing to This Team!!!

Today is for everyone who goes on deep dives to find some crazy conspiracies on the deep web. I have a theory of my own, and if it is indeed true, the NFL has some serious explaining to do.

So as you all know, the Cleveland Browns have been the laughing-stock of the league for DECADES at this point, and it has been a very notable role which the Browns have served well. That all started to change once the team brought in WR Jarvis Landry and QB Baker Mayfield. These were just a few of the key pieces that gave Browns fans hope for the first time in years, and rightfully so as they have jumped to a 2-2-1 start to the year. Despite this relatively good start, there have been more than a few questionable calls going against the Browns this season.

The calls have ranged from a use of replay to change the spot, to a strip sack being blown dead for absolutely no reason, and even to an obvious pass interference/illegal contact foul going uncalled. The league has admitted fault on the strip sack, claiming that not only was it a blown call, but that it cost Cleveland the game in Oakland. My theory for this, the NFL NEEDS Cleveland to be the worst franchise in the league. Just think for a second, the consensus worst team in football starts off with a tie against a team widely considered as a top contender in the AFC. After that game, the Browns have had trouble with their kickers in EVERY game, costing the team at least 2 wins, and there have been blatant mistakes in officiating which have been detrimental to the Browns.

I’m not 100% sure if the kicker problem is a part of this conspiracy yet, but a horrible missed call on 3rd down in OT against the Ravens, and multiple missed calls against the Raiders, which cost them the game is a HUGE red flag when looking at these games objectively. It also makes sense, Cleveland is one of the most loyal fan-bases in sports and have supported the Browns no matter what. Other teams being the worst will affect viewership in those cities, thus costing the NFL money.

Shame on the NFL for trying to keep the Cleveland Browns at the bottom, too bad the efforts are in vain, THE BROWNS ARE BACK BABY!!

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