Daaa Jankees Lose

In just 4 games, the best team in baseball was able to take out the bums of NYC. The Sox will be taking on a VERY hot Astros team for a chance at a World Series appearance. Now that series, while very important, is not what we were looking for. The Sox have been better than the Yankees all year and this series showcased that in full.

The ALDS had EVERYTHING. There were nail-biters which had fans on the edge of their seats, there was some chirping between the two teams, and there was a 16-1 performance that absolutely crushed the city New York’s spirit. Brock Holt was able to do something that no player has ever done when he hit for the Cycle in the dominant Game 3 performance. Along with all the positives, there was also the typical poor behavior from fans on both sides of the rivalry. With the final out, there was a beer tossed at Boston Pitcher Craig Kimbrel by a salty Yankees fan with no self control.

The best thing to come out of this series was Aaron Judge blasting “New York, New York” after NY’s big Game 2 victory. This riled up Yankees fans everywhere, bringing up jokes from all around. The Sox responded to this however, by playing that same exact song while the champagne was being popped in the locker room after last night’s clinching game.

Yankees fans, it has been a pleasure as always. Maybe refrain from the “We want Boston” chants next time around, they didn’t really work out for you this year. You’ll be watching us play in the ALCS, while your team is on their couch yet again. Lucky for you though, the 27 championships are all that really matters so congrats. See you next year, Go Boston and screw the Yankees.

P.S. Sox in 7 and then the World Series will be CAKE.

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