On This Day in Sports History (#1)

On this day in 1992, Deion Sanders had a big choice to make. Not only did his Falcons have a game against the Miami Dolphins, but the Atlanta Braves had an NLCS playoff game on the same day all the way in Pittsburgh. Now obviously, you can see his dilemma. Most young children have faced this problem at one point or another within their little league sports teams. “Do you want to play in the football game or the soccer game this Saturday?” I can personally remember that from my mom on a multitude of occasions.

Sanders decided to skip the decision-making process and opt to play both games, a feat that had never been completed by anyone before him. Unfortunately, Sanders was also unable to complete this task as well. After a 17-21 loss to a Dan Marino led Dolphins team, Primetime hopped right onto a plane to PA. Even though he did make it to the game in Pittsburgh he did not get the opportunity to play in the game. As Deion was typically a pinch runner or defender, a 7-1 loss gave the Braves virtually no scenario to sub Sanders into the game.

This would have been one of the most impressive accomplishments that I have ever seen, had he been able to pull it off. As a sports fan, I would have almost preferred to see him play even if it were just for the final out. To put all that effort into making an hour-and-a-half flight after a gritty NFL game all for naught would be demoralizing for me. Shame on the Braves for stealing a little piece of history from fans everywhere.

Note: This is a series idea given to me by one of the women that I had the opportunity to job shadow yesterday. I thought that it was incredible advice and decided to start it off with a “This day in sports” post. The TBT series will also include things such as throwback jerseys and pictures from important sports events in history. I genuinely believe that you guys will enjoy this style of post, but I am very excited to receive feedback on what we are doing well in addition to things that we can use to improve our content. Thank you for reading, and be on the lookout for the TTS podcast coming soon!

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