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Black Knights Rundown (#3)

It is now Week 7 of the college football season. With Army being 3-2 and last week being a bye. Before we discuss the game Saturday, we must acknowledge the destruction that Navy faced against Air Force Losing 35-7. However as a Black Knights fan myself, I couldn’t care less. This week Army plays away at, 0-5, San Jose State.

Despite having a Bye week we still need to look at Army’s game against, 4-1, Buffalo. Army had a stellar 2nd and 3rd quarter, outscoring the Bulls 21-6. QB Kelvin Hopkins Jr. completed 4 of 5 passes for 91 yards and a touchdown. Hopkins Jr. also had 19 carries for 89 yards. The top 2 FBs, Woolfolk and Slomka, had a total of 27 carries and 110 yards and 2 touchdowns. WR Asberry had 1 reception for 25 yards and a touchdown. The defense again let up 0 touchdowns in the 2nd and 4th quarter of the game, and only allowed 2 touchdowns for the whole game. Overall Army played as expected. Now onto this week’s game.

This week, the Black Knights are taking on San Jose State, who is 0-5. They did give Oregon a fight, putting up 22 points and holding the Ducks offense to just 35. Army should have no problem in this game. San Jose is a relatively pass-heavy team compared to what the Black Knights have been seen thus far. Although San Jose State probably isn’t as pass intensive as Oklahoma, which is good news for Army. The Black Knight defense is capable of handling the run and pass games, while the offense will be more than capable of putting up touchdown after touchdown. There really isn’t much to be worried about in this game. San Jose State isn’t like other teams Army has played, although we can never be too sure since Navy did end up losing to Air Force.

I do predict this game to be 41-10 with Army taking home a W.

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