B1G East Big Ten Ohio State

Buckeye Nation Stand Up (#4)

Man, do we need Nick Bosa back. The lack of any pass rush made Indiana QB Peyton Ramsey look incredible for 2 ½ quarters and it nearly cost us the game. Though it was a 23 point game which was never really in doubt, it provided eerie insight into some problems we haven’t seen to this point in the season. The defense does not look the same if they can’t establish a rush. The backs have to stay in coverage much longer than usual which they have proven incapable thus far. Despite 2 interceptions, Dwayne Haskins was as good as it gets. 455 yards and a whopping 6 TDs were what propelled the Buckeyes over an Indiana team that we seemingly always have problems with.

Looking ahead, the Bucks are taking on a bad Minnesota team at home. I don’t see any way that this is less than a 30 point game, which is what it would take for OSU to cover the 29.5 point spread set in Vegas. Also, the line at 48 is one of the best “Over” lines that I’ve seen this season. This Golden Gopher defense will be completely unable to stop the beast that is Dwayne Haskins Jr. and this running game is insane with the 2 back system that Urban Meyer employs.

The real question will be which defense shows up for us. The Penn State defense which was virtually lockdown for the whole game, or the defense that we saw against the Hoosiers last week. My biggest problem with this team so far is the corners, which is usually taken care of by this point. I’m sure that Urban and the coaching staff will sure that up by the time we play TTUN in November.

With all that being said, I think that this one is a no-brainer. Ohio State 59, Minnesota 24.


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