Reaction Monday: Cowboys Recapture Their Identity In Blowout Of Jacksonville

Wow what a difference a week can make. The Sunday night heartbreaking loss to the Texans feels like a season ago after the Cowboys looked like a completely different team in a 40-7 rout of the Jaguars. 

As Cole Beasley said after the game, this offense could be on the verge of “turning the corner.” It’s only one game of course, but the offensive strategy and play-calling looked completely different then the first 5 weeks of the season. The bootleg was featured early and often, the read option kept the defense off balance, and Cole Beasley was reliable on 3rd down time and time again. Prescott ran the ball a season high 11 times for 82 yards and a 17 yard TD.  That compared to a combined 13 carries in Dallas’ 3 losses. Scott Linehan finally did a good job of mixing up the play-calling between running Dak, running Zeke, and pushing the ball down the field. The offense finally had an identity and a flow that they have often times lacked this year. The game almost felt like the 2016 Cowboys where they were efficient, dominated the line of scrimmage, and controlled the clock. And this was against the top-ranked defense in the league. Jason Garrett and Linehan found the formula offensively. It’s critical for this team that they don’t deviate from it, and possibly critical for there jobs. 

The Dallas defense has simply become a force to be reckoned with. It was great to finally see Demarcus Lawerence, Randy Gregory, and David Irving on the D-line at the same time. It’s been a long road to get Gregory and Irving back on the field. Jaylon Smith is quickly becoming one of the best linebackers in football. His speed and energy have energized the rest of the defense, and have really helped out with the loss of Sean Lee. Dallas is now 2nd in the league in scoring defense. 

Dallas hopes to carry the momentum from this game to next week in a battle for first place at Washington. It’s time for this team’s play to travel well as well as their gameplan.

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