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It’s All About The U (#3)

Another Miami season is headed down the drain. Another season full of big hopes and big dreams explodes in every Miami’s fans face. Last Saturday night against Virginia The Canes put on a total crap show. It was so bad that it was even hard to put the blame on anything. Miami’s offense: Trash. Miami’s coaching: Awful. Miami’s defense: Crumbled when it had a chance to get the ball back to the offense to win the game. It all started when coach Richt sent Senior Quarterback Malik Rosier onto the field for the second drive of the second quarter. A player who had not played since losing his starting job a few weeks prior. It was a panic move. A move that showed you he didn’t believe in redshirt freshman quarterback N’kosi Perry. A move in my mind that was too quickly made and of the utmost stupidity.

Perry had been your guy over the last three weeks and proven his value to the Canes. He had blown out North Carolina, a team that had given the U trouble over the last few years. He struggled in the first half against the Canes arch rival, Florida State. But then in the second half he showed the ice that he had in his veins. He threw for three touchdown and lead the Canes to a victory. Yes against Virginia he had thrown two pics already, but neither was really his fault.

The fact that Coach Richt had so little faith in his Quarterback is an awful sign of what he thinks of his players. With Rosier under center Miami’s offense was once again static and had no energy. They had no life and no hope of erasing the 10-0 Virginia lead. Miami twice got into the red zone twice and only got 6 pts. Awful efficiency.

Then the defense was bad too. They forced their normal due of turnovers but when they were down by three and about to get the ball back with a chance to win they got an unnecessary roughness penalty to give Virginia a first down. Then they roughed the kicker on a field goal. After that all Virginia had to do was knee the ball to win. Miami would fall once again. Losing to unranked Virginia 16-13.

I have no clue how to call this game. No clue what Miami team will show up and if they will even play to their capabilities or if they will drop another game as they did last week. My gut tells me that Miami will play slow. Even so I would expect them to come out on top of a low scoring affair. I’d expect a rush touchdown or two from the Canes, along with one through the air as well.

Miami 17

Boston College 13

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