✭ Reaction Monday: Cowboys Loss Sparks Major Change ✭

It was more of the same from the Cowboys away from home Sunday afternoon, as the Redskins survived on a last second 52 yard FG off the upright from Brett Maher. The Redskins took control of the division at 4-2 while Dallas falls to 3-4. 

The offense inexplicably got away from what they did against the Jaguars last week.  Scott Linehan called very few bootlegs to keep the defensive end honest from crashing down in the run game. While Dak was effective in scrambling for yardage, he did not keep the ball one time in the read option game. Dallas’ inability to run the ball put too much pressure on Dak Prescott to beat the Redskins through the air, and his offensive line did not allow him the time to do so. The offensive line was poor all day in both run blocking and pass protecting. Their were also very costly penalties with 3 holding calls and a chop block. Connor Williams has continued to look overwhelmed in his rookie year and they need him to improve quickly. Defensively Dallas was good enough and very good in the redzone again, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the offense. 

Late in the game, Dallas had a drive down 3 to potentially tie or win the game. Despite poor clock management by Jason Garrett, Dallas had a 47 yard attempt to tie and force overtime before a snap infraction on LP Ladouceur. The call was obviously incorrect because LP made no sudden or improper movement with the ball. It should have been an offsides on Jonathan Allen and would have been a 42 yard attempt which Maher would’ve most likely made. Obviously this wasn’t the only factor in Dallas’ loss, but they were robbed on this attempt. 

Today the Dallas Cowboys traded a 2019 1st round pick for 2-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Amari Cooper. It’s a lot to give up, but Cooper immediately becomes the best receiver on this team and hopefully will help stretch the field. Jerry Jones had seen enough and was desperate for help offensively. This move gives the Cowboys some hope, as they finally have a #1 receiver, but they will need to turn it around fast to make a run at the playoffs. 

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