Official World Series Prediction From Our In House Baseball Expert

The World Series is set! The fall classic is about to begin. The best from the National League ready to face off with the best from the American League. The Los Angeles Dodgers versus the Boston Red Sox. The two teams that, through struggles and success have woven their way to the top for the opportunity to face off with a chance to be World Champions. A chance to be the best baseball team in the world this year.

For the Dodgers it has been a season of hills and valleys. A season that in many ways was supposed to be great. Last year they fell just short losing to the Houston Astros in the World Series in seven games. This year they were expected to be just as good and return to the playoffs. But all throughout the second half of the season the Dodgers struggled. At multiple points losing as many as five straight games. MLB analysts were skeptical that they would be able to return to the top of the National League. But indeed they have. They were in the tightest division fight and even had to play an extra game in order to win their division, but they did and won. Through it all Los Angeles fought and were able to find their way back on top of the National League and have a chance to finish what they started last year and win a World Series title.

For the Boston Red Sox it has been nothing less than a historical year. From the beginning of the year their biggest and inner division rival the New York Yankees had been picked to win not only the division, but also the American League and maybe even the World Series. The Yankees had gone out and gotten power hitter and star Giancarlo Stanton and for many people the idea of Stanton, Judge, and company was way too much for opposing pitchers to handle. They believed that no pitching staff would have the ability to tame their bats. But with the year that the Red Sox had, they quickly diminished all thoughts of the Yankees being the ones that would take home the division or the American League. The Red Sox set their franchise record for their most wins as a team. Winning north of 100 games this year. The playoffs have just been more of the same. They have rolled over their opponents and left no doubt that they are the best team in the entire American League. Now they will have the opportunity to prove that they are the best time not only in the American League, but also in all of baseball.

I think that this series is going to be a good one! It will be the third straight World Series to go to seven games. I would expect the Dodgers to win Game 1. With Kershaw on the mound he will pitch well and keep the Red Sox playing defense. Although a game 1 victory will go to the Dodgers I would expect the Red Sox to bounce back and win another Championship for their franchise.

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