You Must Pick Up These Players for Week 8

C.J. Beathard: With the loss of Jimmy Garoppolo week 3 against the Kansas City Chiefs C.J. Beathard took over starting week 4 . He has been putting up 17 points consistently over the past 3 weeks. Coming off of a 6.1 point performance in week 7 against the beast of a defense of the Rams don’t be surprised if he puts up polar opposite numbers in weeks 8-10 before his bye in week 11. Beathard faces a mediocre Cardinals defense in week 8, a poor Raiders defense in week 9, and a dismal Giants defense in week 10 making him a valuable addition in the upcoming weeks.
Raheem Mostert: Mostert who put up a decent 11.8 outing last week against the rams is due to put up decent outings in the following 3 weeks due to a weak defensive schedule upcoming and an increase in reps in the backfield the last few weeks I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next 3 weeks he puts up 2 15 point performances at the minimum
Chester Rogers: Rogers has been the main targeted receiver for the colts as T.Y. Hilton has been limited with an injury. Rogers is a hot target week by week as long as Hilton remains limited. The Colts have the Raiders upcoming in week 8 whose defense is poor. Hilton will most likely not have too much of a share this coming week as he was limited on receptions last week. This leaves the pass heavy Colts receiver a viable option this upcoming week.
Donte Moncrief: Moncrief coming off of a 14.6 fantasy performance against the Texans. Moncrief had 10 targets and 7 receptions for 76 yards from a Bortles who was really struggling to where Kessler came in for the second half was still a big target for the Jaguars. The Jaguars running back situation has been a mess since Fournette has been absent from their backfield making passing a viable option.
C.J. Uzomah: Uzomah and the Bengals face a horrid Buccaneers defense in week 8 following a decent performance on two receptions for 9.3 fantasy points. As a TE Uzomah is a good target for red zone plays which the Bengals offense most likely will see a few of this following week.

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