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Black Knights Rundown (#5)

Last Saturday West Point geared up for a battle against Miami(OH). It was a tough game but the Black Knights came out on top 31-30 in double OT. Unfortunately they were unable to get a repeat of the game 2 weeks ago(52-3 against San Jose State), but they still got the win.w

The offense played well, unlike previous weeks the passing game was unsuccessful. QB Cam Thomas completed 0 of 2 passes, however Thomas had 26 carries for 127 yards and a touchdown. So no surprise that their run game is definitely the same. 5 fullbacks had 47 carries for 211 yards. Darnell Woolfolk had 2 touchdowns and 97 of the 211 yards along with Andy Davidson having a touchdown with 39 of the 211 yards. The offense had to Punt on 4 occasions. There is definite improvement needed for this next week. The Black Knight defense was not as productive this game as in past. The defense had 0 sacks and 0 interceptions, they did have 2 shutout quarters but allowed 14 points in the 4th quarter to tie the game and push it into overtime. Miami is a good team, but by no means the best they’ve seen. They will need some improvement for the next game.

As great as a win at home is, the Black Knights won by only 1 POINT. They have to step it up this week and show us the dominant team we know they are. This week they go against 4-8 Eastern Michigan. Eastern Michigan QB had 22 completed passes for 257 yards and 3 touchdowns. Showing that they are a pass team, the Black Knights secondary needs to step up and be ready. They also have a decent run game, but nothing Army hasn’t seen already seen. Eastern Michigan defense will probably have the same look as this past week’s game. The Black Knights need to start throwing the ball. They have good receivers, the NEED to use them. The run game is perfect, they just need to be able to throw the ball downfield.

Over all this will be a close game I believe Army will win 28-21

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