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Buckeye Nation Stand Up (#6) Bye Week

I’ve avoided speaking on the absolute butt whooping that Purdue gave us, but now I have no choice. I’ll admit it, i thought this was the year we avoid the stupid trap game blowout that we seemingly suffer every year. I thought we would challenge Bama as a serious contender. Looks like I’m the idiot once again because the Bucks looked like a D-2 football team last Saturday. The Boilermakers embarrassed us on national-TV and showed that they wanted it Moore (pun intended) than we did.

In all honesty, this may have been the worst loss under Urban ever for Ohio State. Though it was close until they broke it open in the 4th, they dominated us the whole game. We made it into the red-zone 4 times and only came away with a pitiful 6 points. That’s just two field goals, as well as missing 1 and turning the ball over on downs inside the 5 yard-line. Purdue on the other hand was lights out in the red-zone, scoring TDs in all 3 appearances.

The offense has become completely stagnant and there’s nobody to blame except the line. There is no time for Haskins to throw, on top of the running game being non-existant. We have two of the best running backs in college football and they only managed 69 total yards on 20 carries. Another result from this is that Haskins needed to throw 73 TIMES in this game. That is about as one-dimensional as an offense can get and I just don’t know how to fix it. He did manage 470 yards, but they amounted to a blowout loss to Purdue.

The biggest surprise to me was the special teams. They were just god-awful, missing a field goal inside the 20 and the punt team cost us so many possessions that I think we need to fire all of them. It seemed as though every time the defense could build some momentum, the punt team would run into the kicker or jump off-sides.

Enough about that, if there’s one thing that I have learned about Urban, it’s that he doesn’t lose like that twice in-conference. He even halted recruiting so that the coordinators could stay and work on schemes. He is determined, and I trust that he will get us to where we need to be. If we beat a top 5 ranked Wolverine team and bring home yet another Big 10 title, I don’t see a way to put in UCF or even Notre Dame in over us.

P.S. Tyler Trent is one of the strongest people I have ever seen, so pray for him as he continues in his fight to beat cancer.


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