LA Needs to Step It Up This Week in Preparation for the Saints

The Rams are 8-0. As much as I love the sound of that, I also need to rant a bit. They started out the season with a 33-13 win over the Raiders and a shutout 35-0 win against the Cardinals. However, 3 out of the past four games have been horrible. We should not be winning by 2 points against the Seahawks, 3 points against the Broncos, and 2 points against the Packers. IT´S UNBELIEVABLE!

As I watched last nights game, it progressively ticked me off. There were too many times to count where we had our offense inside the 20 but then were unable to score or get a first down. Which is ridiculous. We have the top running back in the league, with one of the better offensive lines, and top receivers. We should have scored. Especially against a team that went into overtime and nearly lost to the browns. THE BROWNS! The defense played just about as well as our offense did, multiple times our secondary left receivers wide open for Aaron Rodgers. Our defensive line definitely could’ve played better, on one occasion they let Aaron Jones right into the end zone.

On the better side, the Rams special teams are still top-notch, which is the only reason we won the game along with Gurley giving up a touchdown to run the clock. The kickoff team was able to strip tackle the Green Bay returner to get the ball back for the offense with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Greg Zuerlein completed 2/2 field goal attempts and Johnny Hekker punted 7 times for 316 yards, averaging 45 yards. Arguably, Zuerlein and Hekker are the top reasons the rams even won last night.

If the Rams want any chance of beating the Saints, they need to fix what happened last night. The offensive line can not afford to give up 5 sacks against the Saints. They also need to get a bit more productive on the run and pass game. They are going against Drew Brees who, besides Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, is probably one of the best QBs in the NFL. The secondary HAS to get their head in the game and be ready, along with the d-line to get some sacks. The same goes with the Saints run game, the d-line and linebackers need to be ready to play the run.

I still believe that the Rams will take the Win against New Orleans. However, it will be one really close game. I predict the game to be 31-27.

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