Trade Deadline Shakes Up the League! Here’s How to Capitalize on it

With the trade deadline causing chaos throughout the league, here are a few players you should look out for.

Jordy Nelson- Nelson hasn’t been a big target for the Raiders, coming off of a one reception game against the Colts Nelson doesn’t seem like a great pickup due to coming off of a weak performance last week but with Nelson lined up against the 49ers defense and Amari Cooper not being around he may be due for big numbers.

Courtland Sutton- Sutton’s value to the Broncos has skyrocketed after the Broncos have completed a trade trading away WR Demaryius Thomas to the Texans Sutton will now become a hotter target for the Broncos. Sutton brought in 3 receptions for 78 yards last week and I wouldn’t be surprised if his receptions double this upcoming week against the Texans.

Aaron Jones- Jones will now become the main player in the backfield for the Green Bay Packers now that T.Y. Montgomery has been traded away to the Ravens and I wouldn’t be surprised if his points skyrocket now that his role for the Packers is so much more than it has been. Jones last week had 12 rushes for 86 yards and a touchdown as well as 2 receptions for a fantasy score of 16.6.

Chiefs Defense- The Chiefs defense has allowed an average of 16.5 ppg their last two games against Cincinnati and Denver who are two good teams on the offensive side of the ball. The Chiefs go up against the Browns offense this upcoming week who have just recently fired their head coach as well as their offensive coordinator. Cleveland will likely be a mess on the offensive side of the ball, which they have struggled with most of this season. The Chiefs have the potential to force Baker Mayfield into some bad decisions. Expect the Browns’ offensive line to give up some sacks, as well as some interceptions to boot. This D will be HUGE for your lineup this week.

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