B1G East Big Ten Ohio State

Buckeye Nation Stand Up (#7)

This game is HUGE for the Bucks as we come off the bye week. Granted, this is a home matchup against a flat out bad Nebraska team. They have just one win, and have showed no potential whatsoever under new HC Scott Frost. Saying this, we have also been below average ever since the incredible come-from-behind victory in Happy Valley. This game will show whether or not a National Championship is still a realistic goal.

Even with the brutal Purdue loss, we still control our own destiny to a degree. If we win out and bring home the Big 10 title then there is a 50-50 shot we get in over Oklahoma. Personally, I believe that we would have more quality wins than the Sooners but we would also have a much worse loss. The Big 10 has been underrated by the committee so far in their rankings so I am a little concerned about that aspect. In the grand scheme, it’s their decision and if we want to guarantee our spot then we need to show up against teams like Iowa and Purdue.

This week will be full of change as far as I can tell. Look for Urban to try and get the run game going early. After a solid first couple of games, the backs have been terrible on the ground ever since PSU. Adding this element back in to the offense will make Haskins even more dominant than he has been to this point. The defense will also show us if they can handle losing the best player in the country. I think that we can, and I’m looking for a big improvement every week from here on out.

Urban does not typically lose after being embarrassed, and I’m thinking that a similar situation will happen here. I think we run the table from this point on, and put ourselves in a good position to compete for a national championship. Ohio State 55, Nebraska 10.

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