To Rams Fans Everywhere, There’s No Need to Panic… Yet

Okay, the Rams lost. However, there’s no need to panic… Yet. The Saints are a dominant team in the NFL. We knew it would be a close game. Also, I Have to give the Saints props. They played a very good game. I wish the Rams could still have that undefeated title, but we have to take away some pros and cons. So what are the pros and cons?

The Pros of this game is that we are capable of playing against top-level teams. The Saints have arguably the best quarterback and some of the best receivers in the NFL, and the Rams were able to hold them off for a good while. This game shows how the Rams still have a dominant defensive line and our receiving corps is pretty good too. Also, let’s not forget that Gurley can take on the best defense they’ve seen all year. The Saints are the best team that the Rams have and will face this year in the regular season, besides maybe the Chiefs in week 11. So, there’s no reason to be overly ticked off about this game.

Now, before I get into the cons of the game I want to make something clear. As I was scrolling through the Rams Facebook Community, all I could see was people trash talking and degrading Marcus Peters. STOP IT! Peters is a dominant CB in the NFL, yeah he didn’t have a great game Sunday. However, why would we expect the top out of a CB who´s in his first year playing in the NFC. Which is tougher competition than the AFC ever will be. Give him some time, he understands that he made some mistake Sunday. He will get it fixed, just give it some time.

Now, to the plethora of Cons. First Dante Fowler Jr, yes he’s a great player. But, did we really need him? Why did we pick up a Pass Rusher, when we clearly need a better secondary? I understand McVay has his own plan for the Rams, but it would be great to have a little common sense sprinkled in there too. Also, why can’t we block the edge? Especially when we ran jet sweep and outside zone. Gurley was getting hit in the backfield every time we tried. Goff got hit multiple times in the backfield, or got pressure and had to throw the ball away. ALL FROM THE EDGE! Zuerlein also wasn’t on his game last night, missing a 51 yarder but then turning around and hitting a 54 yarder.  Although compared to everything else that wasn’t horrible. We also had a bunch of problems with our defense. The defensive line played like I expected them to play, where our problems are is in the linebackers and secondary. The secondary needs to step it up. With Talib out, there is no leadership in the secondary, which is very much needed. They need to work with Peters and get him better at covering receivers. Which will help make him the leader of the secondary. Fortunately we are using Fowler Jr as an OLB, which is much needed. However, we still need decent linebackers. Mark Baron is the only other well known linebacker, we need more playmakers in the second level.  Thanks to our defensive line it’s not as necessary, but come next year or even in the playoffs that won’t cut it. Hopefully we will get some of these things fixed by next game, or at the latest by the Chiefs face off.

The next game the Rams play will be against the Seahawks. Which should be a win. Supposing the Rams can fix what happened the past 2 games it could be a shutout. However, I believe the game will be 42-28 with the Rams winning the game.


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