The 3 Things to Take Away From the First 10 Games

We are just around 10 games into the NBA season, and though it is a small sample size I think there are some glaring observations that can be made.

Klay.jpg             The Golden State Warriors Are Going to Win the NBA Finals, and It Won’t Be Particularly Close- This is something that it hurts me to say, but this team is just unbeatable over a 7 game series. The roster is currently made up of 4 healthy All-Stars, 3 of which can give you 40-50 points a night. The Three-Headed Monster that is Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant is simply unfair. Teams have been consistently shutting down two of the three and there is still that third guy to put up 50 and break the 3-point record. Once Boogie comes back, barring a severe injury, the Warriors will complete the first 3-peat since Kobe and Shaq.  

Victor oladipo.jpgThe East is a 5 Team Race, and Will Stay That Way All Season- Finally, with LeBron in the West, the East will be very competitive. The Raptors are currently leading at 10-1 on the season, but the Bucks are right on their tails with an incredible 8-1 start. The Victor Oladipo led Pacers have been a very pleasant surprise dating back to last year. Within 1 game of the Pacers are the star-studded Boston Celtics, and the young gun Philadelphia 76ers. Though they have had rough starts, they have been in nearly every game down to the buzzer. Expect these 2 teams to build up to the playoffs, catching fire at just the perfect moment.

LAbron.jpgLeBron Will Bring a Title to Los Angeles Within 3 Years- Surprisingly, the hodge-podge of past-their-prime talent known as the Los Angeles Lakers bench have been sensational to this point. Javale McGee currently leads the NBA in blocks (3.4 bpg), as well as contributing 14.4 ppg, 7.5 rpg and the second best PER on the team. Lance Stephenson has been great in clutch moments and is currently a big boost off the bench. LeBron is still playing at MVP level, with just around 27-8-8 through the opening 10 games. Added talent in the 2019 Free-Agency will push this team from a 3-6 seed in the West to a perennial Final’s contender.

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