NFL Week 10 Betting Guide

Yesterday was a relatively uneventful day for college football. There was a lack of quality games.

But today, is not the case.

This week in the NFL has several very intriguing matchups. While it may lack a true big time game like last weeks New Orleans vs Rams game, I think fans should go to sleep tonight satisfied.

Dallas vs Philadelphia (-7.5)

*Joey’s Lock of the Week*

These two teams could play every week for the rest of time and it would still be intriguing. And this very well could be the biggest game of the season for both teams.

On one hand, Dallas has looked abysmal the past few weeks. The loss dealt to them by the hands of Tennessee was a low blow – especially considering the fact that the Cowboys had just received a new toy capable of resurrecting an offense in Amari Cooper.

The inability of Dak to be consistent has plagued them all season, leaving the only bright spot in the offense to be the former buckeye, Ezekiel Elliot.

Then, there is Jason Garrett. A man that may very well be coaching for his job this afternoon. The team’s recent performances have awakened the cries for his head, and if the cowboys do not turn it around soon the fans may get what they want.

On the flip side, Philly hasn’t been doing too hot either. They struggled mightily out of the gate, a big time Super Bowl hangover some may say. The division title is well within reach, but the Eagles need to kick it into high gear in order to build any sort of momentum.

This game is desperation vs desperation. Philly has the talent, coaching, and home field advantage, and I believe that is all it will come too.

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia as the Eagles roll in the Sunday night game.

Seattle vs. Los Angeles Rams (-9.5)

This is the first week of the season we are able to say “The Rams look to bounce back off a loss.”

Up until their trip to the Superdome last week, the rams had been utterly dominant all season. Even last week, their explosive offense managed to put up 35 points in a losing effort.

But last week the Rams were proven to be mortal, as the saints picked apart at their weak spot – the secondary. Marcus Peters got to torched, obliterated, and humiliated against Michael Thomas last week. They struggled to find the mix between hard press-coverage and zone looks.

If the Seahawks are going to win today, it will come down to their ability to neutralize Aaron Donald.

He is arguably the best defender in the game, and he can cover the secondary by taking time away from the quarterback leading to forced throws.

Now, the Seahawks do have a guy named Russell Wilson, so his scrambling ability will also be huge in the game, considering that he has no big time weapons that can be depended on to get open in a hurry.

In the end, the Rams come off a loss steaming and with cover this game easily.

3 for the road

Arizona (+15.5) vs. Kansas City

Washington (+3.5) vs. Tampa Bay

Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis (-3)

* Disclaimer *

I do not actually bet money on these games. I simply enjoy paying attention to spreads and O/U’s because they make every game more interesting. So if you ever come after me @NCAA, I have done nothing wrong.

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