Rams V. Chiefs Game Moved to LA

The Chiefs at Rams game was set to be held at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. However, due to poor field conditions the game was moved to the LA Coliseum. They were unable to get the field ready in time do to the amount of rain they’ve received. The NFLPA inspected the field and found it unsafe to play on. Along with being unsafe players have also threatened to sit out. An anonymous player said this,”Its not fair to risk our health.” Due to this the NFL decided to move the game from Mexico City to LA, since the Rams were going to be the “home” team at Estadio Azteca.

Estadio Azteca.jpg

This is good news for the Rams, now they have a true home field advantage.  The rams will still be wearing color rush jerseys as planned. As of now, the Rams are still in Colorado Springs training for the game.

Season ticket holders will be able to use the pass at the game on Monday. Along with providing Free tickets to the game for first responders working on the wildfires in California and victims of the fires.

The game is still scheduled to kickoff at 7:15 pm (central time) on Monday 11/19

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