Army FBS Independents Non-P5

Black Knights Rundown (#8)

Army had a great win last week with a win over Lafayette, 31-13. Which wasn’t really a surprise for anyone. They have one of the most dominant offenses, and one of the best defenses for the independent schools. This next week is against Colgate at home.

The offense played as great as always. Hopkins Jr. completed 5 of 6 passes for 95 yards. along with having 8 carries for 22 yards and a touch downs. Darnell Woolfolk had 12 carries for 69 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Calen Holt is the other back with a touchdown, having 2 carries and 14 yards. They had to kick one field goal, and didn’t have to punt. The offensive line also let up 0 sacks.

The defense is in the same boat as the offense, they played great. They only allowed 13 points. They forced 3 punts, and 2 field goals. Defensive lineman Edriece Patterson acquired a sack during this last game. The secondary was able to handle the passing game, but unfortunately didn’t have any picks. But who cares? We won. Overall the defense played the way they are capable of playing.

This week they face Colgate. Who won their last game against Lehigh 48-6. Colgate has one 5 shut out games. So, there is some competition. Colgate is a run heavy offense, RB James Holland had 20 carries for 139 yards and 3 touch downs. Unfortunately I cant find any defensive stats, but supposing they held Lehigh off for most of the game with only 6 points. Id be willing to bet they’re pretty good. The offense should be able to get some points on the boards, the defense might have some problems. The dline and line backers need to be able to hold off the run game, Colgate’s pass game isn’t that great. QB Sage Atwood had 8 completed passes of 14. So if we can get them to pass the ball we could do some damage.

Overall this will be a tough game for the Black Knights, However I still believe that they will come away with the win. I predict the game to 48-21.

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