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Buckeye Nation Stand Up (#9)

Last week’s game against a top 25 Michigan State team proved a lot about our potential to be a playoff team. The defense, which I challenged last week played solid from start to finish, allowing only 6 points. Along with the very good defense in terms of points, we were able to hold the Spartans to just 220 passing yards and 58 yards rushing, 47 of which came on a single QB run.

This is about as solid as the defense has looked all year, and I think that there may be some carryover into the last couple weeks of the season. With the cold weather approaching, it becomes much harder for teams to pass the ball deep. That blends perfectly with the Buckeyes’ ability to play the short routes and stop the run. I’m not saying that we’ll hold TTUN to 6 points, but it is promising look to say the least.

The offense did not play very well for 3 1/2 quarters, but was able to assert their dominance in the last few minutes, leading to the 26-6 win. The biggest problem with the O right now is that we are SO 1 dimensional in short yardage situations. As good as Haskins is, he poses little to no threat in the run game, leading to a full blitz in the box. That is where coach Meyer needs to start capitalizing on the skill-set that Tate Martell possesses.

He has the running ability that forces the defense to leave at least 1-2 men out of the middle, which is all that the backs need to power up a yard or two. I hope to see that tested this week against Maryland, that way the coaching staff can catch any problems before The Game.

Looking at the Terps, this should be just a tune-up game before we take on our rival. Get in, get out. This is 100% what needs to happen. This cannot be another Nebraska. Urban needs to keep the team focused, or else it could be very bad heading into the B1G East Title Game. I think that that’s exactly what we do, Ohio State 48, Maryland 10. 

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