ACC ACC Coastal Miami (FL)

It’s All About The U (#6)

Something needs to change at Miami. Literally anything. Someone needs to be fired. Someone needs to be let go. Because with the way that the Canes are playing you could put a bunch of 4th graders out there and they would play better. A bunch of 4th graders would play with more heart that what Miami seems to show you on a consistent basis. The way that they have been playing has been the most pathetic thing of the college football season.

The Canes were supposed to be a top ten team. They were supposed to compete for an ACC championship and maybe even be a contender for the college football playoff. But instead the have dropped four straight games. Making them five and five on the year. Miami is so bad that they might not even compete to play in a bowl game this year. PATHETIC! The last few years have been all the same. Last year they were the number two team in the entire nation and a shoe in to make it to the College Football Playoff. But then they lost to a two win Pitt Panthers team. Not only that but they lost their next two games. So instead of an amazing season they were left with a total disappointment of a season.

It wasn’t just last year though. The Canes have been doing things like this and having seasons like this for years. So something has to change in Miami.The Canes can’t keep moving forward and failing to play the game with any sense of urgency or heart. It not only isn’t fun to watch, but it is a disgrace to the team as a whole.

This week the Canes will take their sorry butts to play at Virginia Tech. Tech has had the same kind of season that the Canes have had, although their season hasn’t been to the jurassic extent that the Canes has been. The Hokies come into the game with a record of 4-5 and much like Miami in a fight to make a bowl game. Virginia Tech’s conference record stands right at .500 at 3-3, a game better than Miami’s 2-4.

Much like you have seen all season from Miami I would expect this weekends game to be a sloppy one. I would expect each team to have at least 2 turnovers each. I would also expect to see both teams passing games struggle, but their running games will struggle.

BIG Boy Blake Bold Predictions of the Game:

  • The teams combine for a total of 6+ turnovers
  • Neither Team will score an offensive touchdown in the first half
  • Neither team will throw for more than 200+ yards


VT: 16

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