Trouble in Golden State?

You either love them or you hate them. You either respect them or hope for them to completely fall apart. There is no in between. They are the Golden State Warriors. Whether you hate them or you love them or whatever other feeling you have about them there is no doubt they will forever be basketball royalty. They have completely changed the basketball world and all that has been considered elite within the basketball community. Their players like the likes of Steph Curry have changed the way the game is being played. The long ball and three point shot have become a must have for each team within the NBA. Not only that, but Kevin Durant has become one of the faces of the NBA. All of this because the fact that he joined a record breaking team that created what is now known around the NBA as superteams. He changed the way that teams in the NBA go after players in free agency and who they trade for.

But could the Warriors being falling from the top of the NBA? Many would say no, but I think that the end of the Warriors reign is on the edge of falling. Earlier this week the story around the NBA was Draymond Green and the words that he shared and yelled at teammate Kevin Durant. Green said things that were so bad and acted in a way that the Warriors felt that it warranted a one game suspension for Green. Players in the locker room said that things were said that it would be shocking for Durant to return to the team in free agency this summer.

I personally think that this situation will not be the total downfall of the Warriors, but that it will be a stepping stone to their eventual fall. I believe that Green and Durant have probably already made things right with each other and that their differences will be put aside for the benefit for the team. But how long can the unselfishness of the Warriors hold up? How long will they be able having players that deserve to be on max paychecks instead take pay cuts in order to better the team. In the end I think that the Warriors will not be able to sustain this greatness and that egos of plays like Green and Durant won’t be able to be put aside. Their egos will eventually be what causes this band of brothers to break up and become the team that everyone talked about, but yet fell from power.

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