Back on Top!

Its a great week to be a Rams fan. The team is well rested, for this weeks game. Along with taking No. 1 in the NFC! Last night the Saints took on the Cowboys, and lost (13-10). Whether or not the Refs at the game were right or not, its over, and the Rams are at the top. Now, to this weeks game.

I’ll be honest, we cant really call it much of a game. We play the Lions. So, it most likely the Rams will destroy Detroit. Detroit lost their last game 23-16, against the Chicago Bears. The lions are a decent team. They have a really good Quarterback, Mathew Stafford has a 67% completion rate, with a total of 2841 passing yards total. Unfortunately for Stafford the rest of the team isn’t that great.

The offense should have no problem throwing the ball and running the ball. The Lions defensive line, isn’t like the Chiefs or the Saints d-line. So running the ball should come easy, especially with the o-line the Rams currently have. Along with have the best running back in the league. The passing game will also be good for the team. Of course after losing Cooper Kupp its been difficult. However, since the Chiefs game I know that Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, and Tyler Higbee have the air covered. So it wont be surprising if you see the rams offense putting up a bunch of points.

The defense is definitely better than they were a few weeks ago, which is important when going up against a good quarterback. The secondary needs to watch for the receiver, and the d-line needs to get through to the quarterback or stop the run. Fortunately, CB Aqib Talib might be coming back and pulling the defense together, along with having the pass game be shut down. This so far is the biggest news of the season, since being injured in week 3. Unfortunately there is still potential for him not to play, which is understandable.

The Lions have no idea whats coming to them, this will be a good win for the Rams. I predict the game to be 28-0, with the Rams winning of course.

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