The Alliance Rises

Coming spring of 2019 a new football league in the United States. The Alliance of American Football is scheduled to Kickoff on February 9th, 2019. The Saturday after the super bowl. The league is set up to give Football lovers another 10 weeks of football after the super bowl and before the start of the next season.

They have designed the league to learn off of the failed USFL and XFL attempts. The people running the AAF care about the NFL and want to work in unison, unlike the USFL who tried to overthrow the NFl. The AAF wants to give the audience a show they like, unlike the XFL who tried to sell sex and violence. Although its not a complete development league, it may share some of the characteristics. The league will contain mainly former NFL players, and some college players who just aren’t ready for the NFL.

They are also implementing new rules. There will be no kicks, to try to keep the game more offense and defense filled. They will also have a 30 second play clock. They claim they will have great skill players, but the problem is finding “big people.” According to the owner of the Alliance.

The league consists of 8 teams in different cities:

Atlanta Legends – Atlanta, Georgia


Birmingham Iron – Birmingham, Alabama


Orlando Appolos – Orlando, Florida


Memphis Express – Memphis, Tennessee


Arizona Hotshots – Pheonix, Arizona


Salt Lake Stallions – Sat Lake City, Utah


San Antonio Commanders – San Antonio, Texas


Sand Diego Fleet – San Diego, California


This league is starting to take shape, they have already drafted over 500 players. The league already has a CBS contract and a deal with Starter Apparel. Since the league will be playing in the NFL offseason, they just might have a chance.

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