2018 NFL MVP Race

With the regular season over in 3 weeks, its probably a good time to look at MVP candidates. There are quite a few who are favorable so far, and i’m going to go through my top 5. A lot of them are quarter backs, but this just might be the year of some change.


1. Aaron Donald, DE Los Angeles

Aaron Donald is overall the best defensive lineman in the game currently, and everyone knows it. Donald is leading in sacks at 16.5 this season, the next closest player is Von Miller with 12.5 sacks. His ability to get off blocks and get to the quarterback is like none I’ve ever seen. Donald also has 4 forced fumbles so far this year. Donald is a dominant player on the field. I truly believe that Donald will be the first DE to win MVP since 1986, and it just might be this year.


2. Drew Brees, QB New Orleans

Drew Brees is arguably the BEST quarterback in the NFL currently. Unlike other veteran quarterbacks, Brees has continuously been consistent with his passing yardage and completed passes. Brees has 290 completion over 384 attempts, with a 75.5% completion percentage. Brees has thrown for 3,262 yards this season. He isn’t leading the passing yards, but he does have the top completion percentage. He definitely has a shot at the MVP, especially if he keeps his game up.


3. Patrick Mahomes, QB Kansas City

With this being only his second year in the NFL, he has definitely blown everyone away. From his playing ability to his “froggish” voice. Mahomes has 287 completed passes of 429 attempts, for a 66.9% completion percentage. However, what amazes people more is that in his second year, he took a mediocre team and turned them into a great team. Going from 10-6 last year to 10-2 this year, and it isn’t even the end of the season. Being as he is young, I don’t think he has the greatest chance at MVP.Gurley.jpg

4. Todd Gurley, RB Los Angeles 

Another Rams player! Except, Gurley is the best running back in the league. Much like Donald, everyone knows it. The Rams have some of the greatest players at their positions, but not all of them make the same big plays. Gurley has rushed for 1,175 yards leading the NFL. Gurley has also made 19 touchdowns, with only four of them being receiving. touchdowns The only reason Gurley isn’t higher up on this list is that he gets help from an offensive line, unlike everyone else. If Gurley doesn’t get more yards its because the offensive line didn’t block well enough. Of course, he is still a dominant player on the field and a potential MVP winner.


5.  Ben Roethlisberger, QB Pittsburgh

Big Ben. The one guy that cant be left off the MVP list. Currently leading the NFL in passing yards at 3,945 yards. He completes 66% of his passes. Big Ben is pretty much the only reason the Steelers are a decent team, without him, they’d be screwed. Especially with le’veon Bell out.

Honorable Mentions

Baker Mayfield – Of course he is just a rookie, but he is the best rookie quarterback in the NFL. Mayfield is definitely on track to being the BEST quarterback in the league. Chances of him winning MVP aren’t as high as the others on this list, but at least he will probably win Rookie of the Year.

Jared Goff – Another quarterback, and another player from the rams. He didn’t make the list since Donald and Gurley are more dominant players on the field. However, Goff is looking to be a top-tier quarterback by the end of the season. There is still a chance for him to win it.

Tom Brady – Ol Faithful, when all else fails give the MVP to Brady. The only problem is that this year really hasn’t been Tom’s year. The Patriots are on a slow decline, and Brady is no longer in his prime.




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